What do we do?

At The OG Performance and Tuning, we are Performance enthusiasts who specialize in on and off-road performance, entertainment and lighting upgrades! Whether you are looking to light up the trail or light up your tires, we are your go-to destination!
In addition to our thriving online presence, we also offer a full install shop and dedicated knowledgeable staff to deliver the best vehicle modification experience possible from purchase to install. OG Performance and Tuning is located at 940 Shulman Ave, Santa Clara, California.
We offer a wide variety of parts from some of the industries biggest brands so you can be sure that anything you purchase will meet or exceed your expectations. With a great selection of performance and off-road parts, we can take your vehicle build to the next level with confidence.

Vehicle Builds

Whether you are looking to install a turbo kit, aftermarket entertainment or completely overhaul your ride with a full vehicle build, we are the premier destination in the Bay Area. All we need is a budget and a vision, and we can transform your vehicle into a car show stand-out, track weapon, or a beast on the trail. With years of modification experience, you can rest assured that the job is being completed correctly the first time.

Vehicle Calibrations

Whether you’re looking for an e-tune or dyno tune, OGPT has you covered. We have over 10 years of collective tuning experience along with car software & electronics, so you can be sure that your vehicle is in the right hands. We are an authorized dealer of many tuning companies such as HP Tuners, MHD, BootMod3 etc. OGPT can save you valuable and costly dyno time by remotely tuning your vehicle, taking into consideration each modification you have made to your vehicle. We can also schedule time to tune your vehicle on our in-house Dynomax AWD chassis dyno to extract the maximum potential from your modifications.

If you’d like to schedule a dyno tune give us a call or send us a message via email or Facebook.

The OG Performance and Tuning Team

The OGPT Team is made up of a group of individuals with a true passion for vehicle software &electronics, performance and modification. Lead by the OGPT owner and founder Ercan Genis, there is no problem or challenge the entire team isn’t ready to face head-on. With the vast tuning experience and even more general, off-road & performance automotive experience, the team can quickly diagnose and remedy those tricky problems that arise with modified vehicles.

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